Become A SERV Volunteer

Are you able to help and become a SERV volunteer? When acting as a volunteer we ask that you go on a call roster at least once a fortnight and would be on call between 7pm and 6am.

SERV Rider

A SERV Rider basically volunteers their time and petrol (and use of their bike) to transport emergency blood and products to hospitals throughout Sussex. A rider typically covers 1 night a fortnight where you are on call between 7pm and 6am, becoming a Sussex serv rider we believe is also an enjoyable part of the process as it includes a few rides. To learn more about becoming a SERV rider then click here.

SERV Fund Raiser

SERV Sussex along with any other charity constantly works to raise funds. The more funds we can raise the better the service we can offer as well as covering the many overheads that any charity has such as the emergency phone lines, meeting places, office costs etc... If you are unable to ride or are looking to help but not wanting to do overnight driving/riding then we would love to have your help as a fundraiser if we can.

We generate income through some local company donations, we also go to a lot of events (mostly motorcycle events) and look to try and organise sponsorships (like sponsor a bike) as well as collecting donations on the day. We have also recently started selling item on ebay as well as registering as a charity so that we any seller on ebay can donate a percentage of the items selling price to the charity, this generates a lot of admin with listing items as well as actually posting items. This work also requires a helper to keep on top of this.

SERV Phone Controller

A very important part of SERV is the dealing with the 'SERV Phone'. This is a very important role as this is the phone that Sussex receive calls on for an emergency rider. This phone has to be covered every day also betweek 7pm and 6 am, when a call comes in the holder of the phone then needs to look at the roster and location and despatch an emergency volunteer to complete the request for emergency items.