Donate To Serv Sussex

As a charity SERV is constantly needing to raise money in order to be able to keep our bikes safe and on the road, as well as covering overheads such as the emergency phone line to the hospitals and more. We are also eager whenever possible to increase our bike fleet as well as gain more volunteers and supporting equipment. We are able to accept donations in a number of ways now. As well as accepting any cash donations from individuals or companies you are now also able to donate a percentage of any items sold on ebay to the charity (this is selected when listing the item). We are now also being more proactive by selling items (products and services) ourselves on ebay that have been donated to the charity.

Financial Donations

Through the website Local Giving any people able to wanting to donate towards the running costs of SERV Sussex where any donations are used directly on costs (we have no salaried staff). Please just head on over to Local Giving where you can also see and idea of what your donation will help to buy.

Items and Services Donations

There are 2 main ways that SERV can raise money through ebay. The first is that if you are selling anything there is the option in the set up process to donate a percentage of the selling price to a charity, simply select SERV Sussex from the Charity options and we will benefit from that donation from you AS WELL as getting an additional 28% through Gift Aid from the government..

The second way we are able to benefit through Ebay is from your donation of products that you are happy for us to have that we will then list on Ebay (yes, we will help get rid of your unwanted items). We all have mobile phones in drawers, electrical items we dont use, cd's, dvd's or even bike parts! pretty much anything can be sold on ebay as long as it is in a good and working condition and so if you don't want it then please let us have first dibs. Send us an email to let us know what you have to offer and we may even be able to come round and collect the items. We will then list the items to raise money for SERV whilst helping you clear out some things from your house. See What We Have On Ebay Now

Your Time - Be A Volunteer

At SERV Sussex we are always looking for volunteers that can help us. There are differing opportunities such as becoming a rider volunteer, a fund raiser, office assistance and other roles that can vary depending on your experience and time.